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Servicing the local school network

This website has been created to provide easy access to  bus route information for students attending schools within the Aoraki School Transport Network. It also clarifies rules such as who needs to pay for transport and why, and it provides a way for parents and caregivers to compliment, complain or request changes.

There are several benefits to schools from the network. The main benefit is that schools are not always restricted to only carrying students who are eligible under the Ministry of Education definitions. The Aoraki School Transport Network strives to provide transport for most students to the school of their choice, including some students who are ineligible for funding. Also because schools are managing the transport network themselves, they are able to use any surplus in funding to provide improved bus services.


We aim to improve services, quality, communications and support to and from:

  • Students and Parents/Caregivers
  • Schools and ASTN ‘Board’
  • Network Administrator and Bus Controllers
  • Contractors and Drivers
  • Ministry of Education

Participating Schools:



Combined:(Primary & Secondary)

ASTN Committee

The ASTN Committee is made up of representitives from member schools. We meet once a term to discuss ASTN Governance issues.

Network Co-ordinator

Kerri Sharp 
Phone: 03 6147073 (Evenings)
Mobile: 0276147073
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.astn.org.nz


School Bus Controllers

 Edward Patterson (Timaru Schools)

Phone 0276126050
Mark Creba (Pleasant Point Schools)
Phone: 03 6147832 or  0273888857
Hamish Brown (Beaconsfield School)
Phone: 03 6864819
Steve Fennessy (St Andrews School)
Phone: 03 6126831

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