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Who can I contact?
Information about where you can find more information on school transport assistance and who you can contact on school transport matters.
Service agent contact details
Contact details for your local service agents
School transport factsheets
The Ministry's school transport policy is now outlined in factsheets which provide further information for schools and caregivers
This page describes the eligibility criteria for School Transport Assistance. The application form is also available on this page.
Types of school transport assistance
Information about the different ways in which school transport assistance is provided
Special Education School Transport Assistance (SESTA)
Information on the types of assistance available for SESTA students and how they can apply. Application form also available on this page.
Transport Entitlement Zones (TEZs)
A Transport Entitlement Zone (TEZ) s the area in which a student can access his or her ministry funded transport entitlement to a school
Transport Entitlement Zone (TEZ): Alterations process guide
This page sets out the process for altering a transport entitlement zone
Bus route design
General information about Ministry-administered school bus services.
School bus safety
Information about safe practices for school buses and how the Ministry and other organisations ensure that bus services are safe
Bus Controller Allowances
Bus controllers are the main point of contact within a school for transport for caregivers and are responsible for bus route administration and safety for their school
Communicating on school transport with caregivers
Newsletter tip and hints that schools can use when communicating with caregivers on the Ministry's school transport policies
Safe Behaviour on Buses
Safe Behaviour on Buses is a voluntary programme which has been developed to help schools and bus operators work together around the issue of student behaviour on buses
Directly Resourced (DR) funding rates for 2011/12
Information about the funding rates for DR School Transport 2011/12
2009/2010 Direct Resourcing Memorandum of Agreement
This page contains the 2009/10 Direct Resourcing Memorandum of Agreement and supporting documents for both single schools and school transport networks.
Special Education School Transport Assistance (SESTA) operators
Current operators contracted by the ministry for the delivery of school transport assistance to special education students
Bus contract tender rates
Total kilometre rates paid for Ministry daily and technology bus routes
Transport assistance funding rates 2011/12 - Māori-medium schools
Information about the 2011/12 funding rates for Māori medium schools.


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