Transport - Schools Bus Services for ASTN

Our contractors both meet the MOE requirements of:

  • Certificate of Fitness
  • Age of vehicle
  • Safety Standards
  • Qualified drivers

Atkinson & Dossett Ltd

Atkinson & Dossett Ltd in Timaru: Motor Garages Passenger Transport Bus Hire & Charter Services Postal Service Outlets Petrol & Oil Companies.

Main Rd Pleasant Point Timaru 7903

03-614 7826

Richies Transport

With over 70 years of service, and an outstanding safety record, Richies Transport are one of New Zealand's most trusted school bus service operators and operates nationwide, from Kaikohe in the North to Gore in the South. Today they provide services to over 500 schools in New Zealand. Richies Transport work closely with schools and parents to establish the best routes and pick-up points to ensure all students arrive at school, safe, on time and ready to learn.

Richies Transport provide buses for the daily school run and other school transport needs, Including:

  • School Staff Hire
  • Sport Trips'
  • School Charters
  • School Balls
  • School Camps
  • Educational Trips

Visit the Richies Transport Website here

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