Aoraki School Transport Network (ASTN)

Emergency Procedures for Severe Weather Events and Road Accidents:  2011/2012

Contact Information for Aoraki School Transport Network

Bus Controller:
Phone 03 684 7039 option 4 Available 24/7

Network Coordinator:
Phone: 03 612 6290 (Evenings)
Mobile: 027 4756288 (Emergency)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ministry of Education website:



Severe Weather Events

Prior to the start of the School Day:

The Bus Manager and Bus Controller will make the decision that some or all of the buses will not pick up students due to severe weather conditions (rain or snow) making routes impractical or dangerous. Announcements will be made over local radio stations: Port 98FM and Classic Hits 99FM. Schools will be informed.

During the School Day:

The ASTN Bus Manager and Bus Controller will make the decision that some or all of the buses need to be sent home early due to worsening weather (rain or snow). Schools and Bus Companies will be notified by FAX, text, email and phone if possible, that the team is investigating the current situation.
Bus Company Managers will be contacted to determine the availability of each bus.All schools, Bus Companies and Radio Stations (Port 98FM, Classic Hits 99FM) will be notified by FAX, email and PHONE (if possible),  that some or all country buses are being sent home early.

Schools should assemble their country bus students in the following places with teacher supervision and a cellphone.

Craighead Library, near Craighead Street, Timaru

  • Craighead Diocesan High School
  • Waimataitai Primary School

Mountainview Auditorium, near Pages Road, Timaru

  • Mountainview High School
  • Gleniti Primary School
  • Grantlea Downs Primary School
  • Highfield Primary School
  • Oceanview Heights Primary School
  • St Joseph’s Timaru Primary School
  • Washdyke Training Farm
  • Opihi Services Academy

Timaru Boys’ High School Hall, near North Street, Timaru

  • Timaru Boys’ High School
  • Bluestone Primary School

Timaru Girls’ High School Hall near Cain Street, Timaru

  • Timaru Girls’ High School

Take 2

Roncalli Gymnasium, near Craigie Avenue, Timaru

  • Roncalli College
  • Sacred Heart Primary School
  • Timaru Christian Primary School
  • Timaru South Primary School
  • Trade and Commerce
  • Aoraki Alternative Education

Pleasant Point Primary School Hall, near Acton Street, Pleasant Point

  • Pleasant Point Primary School
  • St Joseph’s Pleasant Point Primary School

Schools must keep lists of students that travel on each bus.  In an emergency, the supervising teacher  must record which students get on each bus and which are collected by a caregiver. Schools to arrange for a teacher at the usual bus stop area so that they can  notify the supervisor of the assembled students as each bus arrives. Buses will follow their usual routes and pick up students at their usual stops at each school. The transfer system will operate as normal.

Road Accidents:

  1. The driver or other person must phone the emergency services (Dial 111) immediately.
  2. The driver must inform their Company Manager as soon as possible.
  3. The Company Manager must inform the ASTN Bus Manager and Bus Controller as soon as possible.
  4. The ASTN Bus Manager and Bus Controller will inform the schools.
  5. Schools will inform caregivers of all students who may have been on the bus.
  6. The bus roll is to be used by the driver/emergency personnel to account for all students who were on the bus.
  7. School Counsellors will offer counselling to students and families as appropriate.
  8. The Bus Controller will write a report for the Aoraki School Transport Network and the Ministry of Education.                                                                              

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