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Providing School Bus Transport to Timaru and Pleasant Point Schools. Aoraki School Transport Network (ASTN) provides school bus transport assistance for students to attend school. ASTN manages 18 buses carrying approximately 800 students daily.

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ASTN Committee

The ASTN Committee is made up of representitives from member schools. We meet once a term to discuss ASTN Governance issues.

Network Co-ordinator

Kerri Sharp
Phone: 03 6147073 (Evenings)
Mobile: 0276147073
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ministry of Education website: School Transport Section:

Bus Controllers

Edward Patterson (Timaru Schools)
Phone 0276126050
Mark Creba (Pleasant Point Schools)
Phone: 03 6147832 or  0273888857
Hamish Brown (Beaconsfield School)
Phone: 03 6864819
Steve Fennessy (St Andrews School)
Phone: 03 6126831


Useful Links

Ministry of Eduction: visit the website for contact information

Metro Timetables:

School Transport: Application for Assistance

This form is to be completed by the caregivers of students using school buses or claiming school transport allowances. If the student travels the full distance from home to school by private vehicle, or travels more than 2.4 km to the school bus stop, he/she may be eligible for a conveyance allowance.
Students may be eligible for school transport if:

  • they are under 10 years old and live more than 3.2km from the nearest school; or
  • they are 10 years old and over and live more than 4.8 km from the nearest school; and
  • they do not have access to public passenger service transport.

Download the: Application Transport Assistance.pdf

Once you have completed this form please post to the Principal or Bus Controller of the school the student attends

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